10+ years in the making

Mikerry is a reputable engineering and construction operation within the rail and construction industries.

With over 10 years of successful projects and experience we are a reliable choice for undertaking even the most complex of projects and supplying a quality, dependable labour solution. Mikerry brings together the complementary skills and resources of its building and civil engineering divisions to provide a market leading service to its customers. Customer satisfaction is our satisfaction and we focus on delivering projects that meet or exceed the most demanding of customer expectations.

Safety First, Safety Always

Safety first, safety always is a core belief of the Mikerry operation. Working in the rail industry our focus is to deliver an effective service whilst putting the safety of our team, staff and customers at the top of the agenda.

Integrity in dealing with others

For us, Integrity is the key ingredient to our success. When it comes to keeping our clients happy we will always be honest and fair. When we make a promise to our customers we keep our promises and always follow through on that promise without fail. When you use Mikerry you can be safe in the knowledge that Integrity and honesty is a key part of our business operation and we ensure that is the case from start to completion of any job we carry out.

Decisions through collective leadership

Some partnerships are often paralysed into inaction and many leaders still operate on the basis of “command-and-control” - Mikerry is different. We work as a collective to ensure each job is well thought out, fully planned to the highest detail and then packaged professionally to meet your every requirement. We have very clear lines of decision making authority and our clients always know who the best person is to contact for every query they may have. We believe this to be a major asset of our business and allows us to stand head and shoulders above our competition.

Success through people

A company is only as good as it's people and Mikerry is no different. At Mikerry we integrate each individual’s expertise and strengths and leverage differences to create a high performing organisation. We consider the needs of our workforce, they are more likely to drive high productivity and increase success. Embracing diversity, focusing on developing and engaging our workforce while maintaining a willingness to learn are all traits of how Mikerry operates and this shows with the consistent high level and standard of work we always deliver to our customers.

Relentless focus on customer satisfaction

Simply put customer satisfaction is what drives Mikerry. We focus our efforts on creating loyal customers. Ones that stick by us and are not easily influenced by competitors. Mikerry’s business has been developed by a strong link with our customers. From start to finish, strong customer satisfaction is a key attribute and this has been fine tuned to almost perfection over the years. Our customer service strategy has ensured repeat business from a strong and loyal customer base and has also allowed us to gain regular new business by great word of mouth. When you choose Mikerry it is our aim to make you a customer for life not just for the short term.